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Videos of Marching Mizzou and Alumni Band

4/23/2024:  This page is under construction.  Check back for updates.


Most of these videos "live" on YouTube; however, we have them indexed and organized here.  Videos are property of the University of Missouri and are posted with their courtesy.

Special notes:

We lack both videos and information on much of the 1990's.  Please contact us if you have videos or information.

For the 2000's Marching Mizzou videos are predominately on Marching Mizzou's Youtube Page


-Hadley Haux for digitizing videos from the 1980s

-Guy Schreck for digitalizing videos from the 1960's and 1970s, and for creating summary videos for Dr. Pickard's 50th anniversary event.

-Craig Mueller for assembling videos onto storage


Last Year's Pregame    Mini Flip Tigers (20XX)     Covid Virtual 3 & 4 (2022)     First AB Flip Tigers (1978)     First Alumni Band (1971)

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