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Donate to Marching Mizzou Alumni Band


Priority for 2025:

Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Marching Mizzou Alumni Band is committed to supporting current members of Marching Mizzou. A scholarship endowment has been established to support this effort in perpetuity. Please join us in enhancing the Mizzou experience of our talented students!

Donate to

Marching Mizzou

Marching Mizzou’s strength comes from the students and faculty, and from you. You sing along at games, you line up early for the homecoming parade, and we know you watched on November 24.  


What you don’t see, is a band due for some critical updates. Our equipment truck is on its last legs, practice facilities lack running water and protection from the elements, and there is always a need for new uniforms and instruments. 


Marching Mizzou adapts and gets creative so performances are nothing short of spectacular. But imagine what is possible without these limitations? 

Your donation turns possibility into reality.  


Because of you, the next generation of the band can see how far it can go, while continuing the Mizzou traditions you hold so dear.  


Your giving celebrates accomplishments and positions the band where they belong: among the best in the country. They have the talent, the commitment, and the passion. You provide the tools to take it to the next level. 


Please consider making your gift today.

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