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Board of Directors Nominations 2024

Our election process for the M2AB board of directors is open! We encourage you to nominate a friend or to self-nominate yourself (most nominations are self-nominations). To run for a board position, you complete a brief questionnaire about your interest in joining the Marching Mizzou Alumni Band board of directors. The nomination process will officially begin on Monday, April 1, and end on Sunday, June 30.

Nominations and the election occur electronically during our Reunion Weekend registration period. Results are announced at Reunion Weekend 2024.

You will need to answer a questionnaire covering your background and interests and provide a photograph for the nomination.

FAQ About M2AB Board of Directors

1. What does joining the M2AB board entail?

  • Attend the monthly board meeting via Zoom on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. CT

    • We use Robert's Rules of Order, so we need a quorum of 7 out of 11 board members to vote on and discuss important issues.

    • Attendance isn’t required every month but is strongly encouraged.


  • No financial cost/dues -- It's a volunteer position that does not require any annual dues. We strongly encourage you to join the Mizzou Alumni Association, but it is not a requirement to join the board of directors.


  • Three-year term starting in January 2025, ending in December 2027 -- Each member serves a three-year term to ensure there are returning members of the board each year to help with transitions. 


  • Help vote on important alumni band-related matters: M2AB Board of Directors helps make decisions for Homecoming each year, scholarships for current M2 students, meals for current students at Concert on the Quad, and more!


  • Participate on committees when you can. We have five standing committees, which include: Operations, Finance, Membership, Communication, and Scholarship, and we talk about each committee during our monthly meetings. If you’re unable to join as a full-time board member, we welcome you to join as a committee member. 

2. What does the M2AB Board do?

  • The purpose of the M2 Alumni Band is to organize the interests, abilities, and efforts of Marching Mizzou alumni for fellowship among members and prospective members and to provide services to its alumni constituency and the University. M2AB is organized to encourage alumni to support the University's School of Music and Marching Mizzou and to participate in building a greater University. 

    • Help organize the M2AB performance on Homecoming - registration, T-shirts/polos, game day meals, instruments, etc.

    • Host a Reunion Weekend Event the Friday before Homecoming

    • Host an annual business meeting with M2AB members to provide an update on what we've done during the year.

    • Provide scholarships to M2 students

    • Cater meals for Concert on the Quad

    • Recruit M2 alumni members to join the Mizzou Alumni Association

    • Attend M2 Band Banquet (optional)

    • Fundraise on Mizzou Giving Day, Giving Tuesday and an upcoming MAA scholarship endowment fund for M2AB.

    • Post on M2AB social media pages


3. Who is currently on the board?

Our current board of directors includes 

  • Maddie Hirsch - President for 2024

  • Brianne O'Sullivan - Vice President for 2024

  • Andy Kendig - Treasurer for 2024

  • Sarah Hopkins - Secretary for 2024

  • Al Anderson

  • Alex Giddings

  • Sarah Carnes

  • Molly Froidl

  • Bill Greenblatt

  • Chloe Maltagliati

  • Maggie Resor

  • Hadley Haux is the director of M2AB and joins our meetings as an ex-officio member.

4. Am I required to attend Homecoming or march during pre-game?

Nope! We’d love for you to attend or march if you want, but there is no requirement. There is a fee to march at Homecoming for all members. 


5. Do I need to live in Columbia to participate?

Nope! We have board members all over the country. All our meetings are currently on Zoom to allow this flexibility. 


6. I'm not sure. Can I check out a meeting to see what I think?

Yes - Please reach out to M2AB president, Maddie Hirsch, at, so she can add you to the next meeting invite.


7. Can I see the M2AB bylaws to learn more?

Yes - view the bylaws here.


8. If I'm interested, what are the next steps?


Please fill out a nomination form due 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, June 30, 2023. If you have remaining questions, please reach out our election committee chair, Maddie Hirsch, at

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