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About Marching Mizzou Alumni Band


Our Story

Marching Mizzou began as a 12-person band in 1885, and, at its current number of 350+ members it has brought real enthusiasm and genuine college spirit to not only the football games but also the campus at large.

While the history of Marching Mizzou (aka M2) is impressive, its legacy is even more so.  Former members of the “Big ‘M’ of the Midwest” have a deep loyalty and connection to what it represents both to the individuals who experienced it and to the university past and present.  


In the 1970s, one stalwart group of marchers wanted to keep the music going after they had left the field, so they created Marching Mizzou Alumni Band (M2AB). M2AB has performed at Homecoming pre-game shows ever since, learning a ‘show’ (consisting of marching and music) in about two hours on Saturday. The crowds — outside and inside the stadium, before and after the game – welcome and cheer us on enthusiastically.

Annual events in recent years include the pregame show at a Tigers football game, a picnic for Marching Mizzou at the end of its week of rehearsals before the fall semester, promotion of a small band for the MAA Kansas City chapter’s annual picnic and auction in August, organization of small bands at other alumni chapter events, and presentations of scholarships for several M2 members during the fall semester.

Board of Directors 2023

Supporting the Best Band in the Land, Marching Mizzou

Marching Mizzou Board of Directors is a group of 11 elected board members who participated in Marching Mizzou during their tenure at the University of Missouri. Members are nominated each spring, voted on during Reunion Weekend registration and elected and officially announced at the annual business meeting during Homecoming.

President: Maddie Hirsch

Vice President: Mitchell Moon

Treasurer: Joseph Trammel

Secretary: Brianne O'Sullivan

Alerica Anderson
Sarah Carnes-Lemp
Andy Kendig

Chloe Maltagliati
Laura Pickard
Maggie Resor​

Director of M2AB: Hadley Haux

Our 2023 board has one open vacancy that we plan to fill during our 2023 election.

Previous Officers & Board Members

Marching Mizzou Alumni Band Bylaws

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