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  Videos of Marching Mizzou  


Most of these videos "live" on YouTube; however, we have them indexed and organized here.  Videos are property of the University of Missouri and are posted with their courtesy.

Special notes:

We lack both videos and information on much of the 1990's.  Please contact us if you have videos or information.

For the 2000's Marching Mizzou videos are predominately on Marching Mizzou's Youtube Page


-Hadley Haux for digitizing videos from the 1980s

-Guy Schreck for digitalizing videos from the 1960's and 1970s, and for creating summary videos for Dr. Pickard's 50th anniversary event.

-Craig Mueller for assembling videos onto storage

Last year's Pregame     First M2AB Flip Tigers (1978)     First Alumni Band (1971)



Emmons and Pickard, 2011 Celebration

Mr. Charles Emmons joined the music department in 1957, directing Marching Mizzou from then until 1966 and retired in 1982.  Dr. Alexander Pickard joined the music department in 1961, serving as Marching Mizzou’s assistant director from then until 1966 and then principal director until 1982 and retired in 2002.  These gentlemen were both loved and respected by the students and were one of the longest-running, combined influences in Marching Mizzou.  Mr. Emmons developed the Famous Floating Flip Tigers and Dr. Pickard organized Marching Mizzou’s 1975 trip to England, the first performance of a US marching band in World soccer.


In 2011, Dr. Pickard’s students paused during Homecoming to celebrate his 50th anniversary of arriving at the University of Missouri.  Two documentary films were made.  Also of note–2011 was Missouri’s last year in the Big 12 and we defeated the #1 ranked Oklahoma Sooners before a packed Memorial Stadium. 

Pickard Tribute          Slideshow          Golden Guys
2011 Homecoming photos:
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