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Mizzou's Homecoming 2023 is the weekend of Oct. 20-21 as the Tigers take on South Carolina. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact the board at

Reunion Weekend Schedule 2023

Friday, October 20, 2023

5:30-8 PM - Friday Night Gathering at The Heidelberg

  • Join your fellow M2 alumni at The Heidelberg for drinks and food

  • Address: 410 S 9th Street Columbia, MO 65201

  • Food & Drink Menu

  • Note: Food & drink are on your own - We recommend you order drinks at the bar as it will be a packed evening. 

  • Pick up your nametag, polo, and decals


8:30 PM - Homecoming Spirit Rally at Traditions Plaza

Saturday, October 21, 2023

~7:45 AM - Take the Golden Alumni Shuttle to the M2 Practice Field from Lake Street & Virginia Ave. Intersection

  • Please park at Virginia Avenue Garage for a free shuttle ride to the M2 Practice Field

  • April Sansing will pick up our members in our shuttle and will have signs that let you know it’s the M2AB shuttle

  • We will do a few loops to ensure everyone arrives at rehearsal. M2AB board members will be on the first shuttle to help arrive to set up check-in.

  • Reminder: Please park early as it will be busy with the parade


8 AM - Check-In to M2AB Rehearsal at M2 Practice Field 

  • The Marching Mizzou Practice Field is located at 1540 Providence Pt, Columbia, MO 65201. 

  • Please check in near the instrument shed to pick up your name tag, meal card, refreshments, polo and more. 

  • We will be serving donuts and bottled water.

  • (NEW): Instrument check out: For those of you who are borrowing an instrument, you will be required to sign a contract with the MU School of Music. Please ensure you arrive on the earlier side to give yourself ample time to set up for rehearsal. 


9:00 AM - M2 Alumni Band Rehearsal Begins at the M2 Practice Field 

  • Rehearsal Order

    • Missouri Fanfare

    • Missouri Waltz

    • Tiger Rag

    • Eye of the Tiger

    • Give a Cheer

    • Stars & Stripes

    • National Anthem

    • 3 & 4

10:30 AM - Rehearsal with Marching Mizzou begins 

~11:30 AM - Announcements with M2

~11:30 AM - M2 Alumni Band Annual Business Meeting at M2 Practice Field

  • Agenda

    • Welcome - Board President Maddie Hirsch

    • Minutes from the previous business meeting

    • Report on M2AB Finances - Board Treasurer Joe Trammel

    • Reaffirmation of M2AB Bylaws 

    • M2AB Hall of Fame 2023 Honoree 

    • Marching Mizzou Scholarship Committee Report

    • Board of Directors Election Results Miscellaneous Announcements 

    • Next M2AB Reunion Weekend 

    • Adjournment

  • Following announcements, we will pack belongings and cases into the instrument truck, which will be locked until after the pre-game performance. 

~11:45 AM Game Day Meal at the Marching Mizzou Practice Field 

  • Lunch will be served to those who purchased meals during registration. Game day meals are no longer available for purchase at this time. 

  • Reminder: There is NO alcohol is allowed on the premises at the M2 practice field or Hearnes Center before the performance.

  • The Game Day meals consist of ham and turkey sandwiches, chips, fruit, a brownie, and a bottle of water. Members who requested meals with dietary accommodations will receive meals that are packaged and labeled separately from these meals. 


1:15 PM - Section Warm Ups at East Entrance of the Hearnes Center

  • Please meet Marching Mizzou alumni band members outside the Hearnes Center's east entrance to prepare to line up for the March to the Stadium. 

  • Marching Mizzou Alumni Band will march behind Marching Mizzou in the parade block. 


2 PM - March to the Stadium with Marching Mizzou 

  • We will stop and have a short performance of 3&4 on Mick Deaver Memorial Drive before proceeding to enter the stadium to prepare for the pre-game performance. 

  • Marching Mizzou Alumni Band members will enter the stadium through entrance 2E. 

  • Please follow Marching Mizzou and make your way to the field to prepare for the pre-game performance.

2:10 PM - Pre-Game Performance with M2 

  • Directly following the performance, please follow the alumni band members toward the east side of the south end zone (towards the student section) to exit the tunnel to walk toward Lot G where we will be parking our instrument truck. 

2:30 PM - Kickoff Against South Carolina

~2:45 PM - Instrument Check-In Post-Pregame 

  • Please pick up your belongings and cases at this time as we will be moving the truck before the end of the first quarter to ensure Marching Mizzou is able to prepare properly for halftime.

  • All items after the game will be available at the M2 instrument shed.

M2AB Parking Location _023.jpg


Where do I pick up my polo that I ordered when I registered? 

You can pick up M2AB polos at check-in on Friday night at The Heidelberg or Saturday morning. If you are unable to attend in person we can make arrangements to ship your polo to you after reunion weekend. 

Do we memorize music? 

No, but we will provide music in advance if you would like to practice and/or memorize. We will not be providing hard copies of the music on Saturday morning at rehearsal, but we will notify you where to find the music in advance if you would like to practice and/or memorize. 

Do I need to provide my own lyre? 

We will not be using lyres or music during this year’s pre-game performance, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Why do we wear black pants and shoes? 

Black pants and shoes, along with the polo, help provide a uniform look for the group. 

Where can I park? 

You can park for free at various parking garages on campus including Virginia Avenue Garage, Hitt Street Garage, University Garage, and Turner Avenue Garage. For more information about Mizzou Game Day parking, please visit this website here


We encourage you to arrive early as parking fills up quickly on game days, especially before the parade. 

Is there an official place to reunite with other Marching Mizzou alumni on Friday night?

Yes. We will be in the front room at The Heidelberg on Friday night from 5:30-8 p.m. CST. 

What if it rains or snows? 

You are encouraged to layer up under or over your polo to stay dry and warm. Black or Mizzou-themed hats and gloves are also welcome! Check the forecast and plan accordingly. 

Do I need a ticket to the game to perform during pre-game? 

You do not need a ticket to enter Memorial Stadium with the alumni band for the performance, but you will if you plan to attend the game as a fan. Marching Mizzou Alumni Band registration does not include tickets for the Mizzou-South Carolina football game. Registration fees cover other aspects of the reunion including participation in the pre-game performance, game-day snacks, instrument rentals, polos, etc. 

We have a block of tickets available that you can purchase during registration and will be behind the band in section 110. 

How much do we actually play or march? 

Marching Mizzou Alumni Band will perform alongside Marching Mizzou during pre-game for the entire show. 

Is there child care? 

Not at this time. 

Do we stay for the whole game? 

You do not need to stay for the entire game unless you choose to attend the game as a fan. 

Do I have to enter with the band? 

Yes, you will enter with Marching Mizzou in section 2E. Since we don’t pass out individual tickets for our group seating in the stands, we all need to enter together. 

Do I have to sit with the band during the game? 

No, we have a block of tickets available for purchase if you’re interested in sitting near the band. We will not be performing in the stands with Marching Mizzou.

What should I bring? 

Good memories, a good set of lungs, a water bottle, black pants, black shoes, and your jacket (if needed for the weather). Don’t forget your instrument (unless you are borrowing one that is!). 


Am I allowed to drink alcohol when participating in Marching Mizzou Alumni Band?

Alcohol is prohibited on the Marching Mizzou practice field and when interacting with Marching Mizzou. We are still representing Marching Mizzou, Mizzou Athletics, and The University of Missouri; therefore, you must wait until after the Marching Mizzou pre-game performance. 

What happens if something happens suddenly and I can’t attend? 

We know plans can change on short notice. Contact as soon as you can. We don’t typically allow refunds but have provided partial refunds on a case-by-case basis. 

I’m a new alumnus, how do I make friends? 

Start saying hi to people! Encourage your friends to return with you – the more of you that return together each year, the more fun you will have!

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