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Board of Directors Nominations 2025

The following alumni have expressed an interest in running for a position on the Marching Mizzou Alumni Band Board of Directors. The election will take place during the open registration period for Homecoming 2024.

Only those who have completed their registration for Reunion Weekend will be eligible to vote. H
ere is the nominee (in alphabetical order):

Meet the Candidates

Steve Church


Location: St. Louis & New York

Years in M2: 1990-1993

Instrument/Auxiliary in M2: 90-92 M2 Drumline, MIni Mizzou Drummer, 93-94 Voice of Marching Mizzou

What previous leadership positions have you held in or service have you done for Marching Mizzou or the alumni band?

Assisted Hadley in coordinating alumni band events, occasionally initiated, created alumni band events involving St Louis and Los Angeles local market tv and radio stations.

Why do you want to serve on the alumni band board? Why should someone vote for you?

Just going with I know. Under the radar, utilizing my contacts, connections in the past, I have been, continue to be an advocate for Marching Mizzou bands. With my current network, corporate media & contact base of 30 plus years, I believe I can strengthen the alumni band's missions, increase awareness, initiate/implement branded events, promotional, marketing and fundraising efforts. There is a great opportunity to further engage, take larger steps toward corporate / media joint ventures sponsorships utilizing alumni band services for fund raising efforts... working closer, offering services, partnerships with Mizzou Sports Networks Properties, directly with its local radio tv media affiliates, alumni Clubs, Tiger Clubs, Enterprise, Sinquefield's, "official" alumni watch party homes, Syberg's to name a few. "Brand Package" offering alumni band BRANDED services for their events, watch parties, alumni backed events who are business owners and leaders throughout the United States all to raise awareness and funds for M2 Alumni and M2.

To vote for these candidates in this year's election,

 Please register for M2AB's Reunion Weekend at Homecoming below

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